'This Son of York': Reviews

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Lakeland Radio's Simon Yaxley hears what Cumbria Libraries' Reader Development and Stock Manager, Helen Towers, has to say about 'This Son of York'.

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David tells BBC Radio York's Russell Walker about 'This Son of York' and what inspired him to write it.

First, reviews from two UK readers who bought a paperback copy...

Blood splatteringly brilliant!

"Gripped and sucked in from the very beginning! A well researched novel set at a fast exciting pace that will have you up at 2am still reading!! Gothic horror in the modern day York - it really couldn't get any better! With an ending that doesn't let you down!! You may never visit or look at the city of York in the same way again! Please write your next book soon!"

Robyn, Kendal, Cumbria

Great book!

"Great book! Held my interest from start to finish. Absolutely loved it, amazing. Mr. Batten-Hill's weaving of an increasingly oppressive atmosphere as the plague encroaches on York makes the book unputdownable. Highly recommended."

And these are genuine, 5-star reviews, posted on Amazon by people who bought and enjoyed reading 'This Son of York'...

Did not disappoint

"I read This Son of York in a very short time. I could not put my Kindle down. I read until the wee hours of the morning,then got up and finished the book. Mr. Batten-Hill was able to transport me with his descriptions of places, happenings and the people. When I read a book, I want to be transported and to "see" through the author's words, and Mr. Batten-Hill did not disappoint."

Jan O'Kane, Durham, North Carolina

This York Resident is Scared

"I found that I couldn't put down my Kindle. I live in York so the story really came alive and I could picture myself in it. The fight to bring the plague under control was exciting and gory. I rooted for the heroes and had nightmares about the villains. I have looked around me today and imagined what my city would look like if half of us were dead. I would highly recommend this book. How do you stop a killer that can't be seen?"

Sarah Cusworth, York

Very Enjoyable Read

"I have to say I found this a great book to read. The story is very well written and whilst I have not been to York, the descriptions of the town add to the overall effectiveness of the story. The initial premise is a little bit of a stretch but once you get past that and accept it, the rest of the story is very believable. I normally enjoy books from the likes of Tom Clancy or George R. R. Martin. However, this was a welcome change of pace. The plot develops quickly and hooks you in."

Richtea78, Amazon

A Good Romp

"This Son Of York is a well researched and well written adventure story based on the plausible consequences of an archeological dig in York. Each and every person in the city is exposed to an invisible threat. While the style and content do have a wide appeal, those that know York well, as the author does, will find particular appeal. The effects of mortal danger on ordinary individuals is observed, and the reader should wonder if, faced with the same strife, they would behave in the same selfish and aggressive manner. This is something each reader will have to contemplate for themself. I suggest honesty may not be the best policy. Do enjoy the book!"

Martin Payne, Conwy


"A very enjoyable and engaging read. If you enjoyed watching "Contagion" but found it a bit dull in parts then this book is for you - a fast paced, gripping and believable storyline set in York, where the author obviously has an excellent grasp of the geography and history of the area. Personally I have never visited the city and found myself using google earth to look at the locations described just to see where the action was happening. Well worth a read!"

D. Farren, Belfast

Great book!

Brilliant story well written and well researched. Entertaining and fast moving too. Nice to have it set in York too.

Runfor40, Amazon




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