'This Son of York': Newspaper Article

Below is an image of an article featured in York's evening newspaper 'The Press' on 5th January 2012. Grateful thanks to Stephen Lewis, Chief feature writer/books editor for his permission to reproduce it here.




The text reads...

York backdrop to plague ebook

York is the star of a new TV series, Eternal Law, which goes out on ITV1 for the first time tonight.
But the city also takes centre stage in a debut novel by writer David Batten-Hill which has just been published.
This Son Of York – which is available exclusively as an ebook – tells the story of a terrible secret that lies buried beneath the streets of the city.
Buried, that is, until archaeologists unwittingly disturb it.
The archaeologist dig up a 14th century corpse and unleash a devastating plague – a new Black Death for the 21st century.
Mr Batten-Hill, a 56-year-old magazine editor and photographer who lived in York for 20 years until moving to Cumbria a few years ago, had no hesitation in setting his debut novel in the city.
"Apart from my obviously knowing it well, I set the novel in York because of two elements," he said.
"First, the historical elements – for example, I had found out about the plague pits.
"Second, the configuration of the two bypasses made the notion of isolating the city highly plausible."
The result is a claustrophobic, archaeological and medical thriller in which York undergoes what Mr Batten-Hill calls "trial by pestilence."
Best of all, Mr Batten-Hill really does know his York. The book is rich in detail about the city – full of places and names that anyone living here will be familiar with. And the details are just right – down to the winds that often whistle around the Minster.



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