'This Son of York': The Characters

Who's who in This Son of York

These are the people whose stories make up the plot lines of the book This Son of York. Two are long dead, the rest are alive and some live on to tell the tale.

Professor Reginald Simpson

The professor of archaeology whose historic discovery leads to an appalling catastrophe.

Wolfstanus Grenedyck

A 14th Century nobleman whose words pave the way to another discovery.

Matt Walsh

The postgraduate archaeology student that the professor puts in charge of the archaeological dig that triggers the events in the story.

Sally McFarlane

Matt's fellow student and friend, who helps save the day, and finds maturity in the process.

John Simister

A second fellow student, whose photographic work reveals more than expected.

Mike Ross

A police scene of crime officer (SOCO, like CSI), whose bravery helps in the battle against the common enemy.

PC Steven Wyatt

Mike's friend and colleague, a lugubrious police officer.

Miles Ryley

A 14th Century charlatan whose legacy proves murderous.

C. W. Horrocks

The senior technician in the archaeology department, whose role in This Son of York is pivotal.

Liam Foster

Horrocks's young assistant, whose selflessness saves lives.

DCI Anthony Clayburn

A senior policeman who takes the law into his own hands, at great cost.

Toby Cracknell

A mortuary assistant whose pet hate reveals all.

Dr. Teresa Blaine

The pathologist Toby assists.

Deirdre Horrocks

Horrocks's long-suffering wife, who unwittingly reveals a key factor.

Dr. Alan Saxon

A microbiologist whose expertise proves priceless.

Monty Boulby

A local newspaperman who keeps York's citizens informed.

Professor Mary Alice Miller

An expert from New York, whose knowledge and skill prove irreplaceable.

Lieutenant Colonel Gavin MacNeil

A tough, resourceful soldier who oversees the fight for survival.

Marcia Bainbridge

A fashionable lady whose day's shopping in York turns out to be more costly than could be imagined.

Professor Baumann

A top-level scientist who turns the tide in York's favour.

...plus supporting characters, some good and some bad.

Who will live? Who is going to die? Will the historic city live again? The answers lie in the text of the thriller novel This Son of York.



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