The Harrowing Tale of a Deadly Legacy





What is This Son of York?

 It is a novel by David Batten-Hill.

* Available in ebook format, for Amazon Kindle, Nook and other devices, including your PC or laptop computer.

* Also available as a physical paperback book.

What is it about?

Europe's biggest killer returns to modern-day York…and it's looking for victims. A 14th Century corpse, unearthed byarchaeologists, brings with it a punishing legacy. After lying dormant underground for more than six centuries, the plague is more deadly than ever. It never sleeps...and it never takes prisoners.

Science unleashed the new Black Death in York. But science is powerless against it. The doctors, the police, the army...nobody can stop it. Only one man can fight the mutated plague.

To win, he must escape the clutches of crazed vigilantes, convinced he released the plague and Hell bent on executing him in the name of humanity. This man must survive two nightmare journeys to salvation.

The thriller novel This Son of York gives a vivid portrayal of modern-day York's trial by pestilence. The accuracy of detail in the book is as unrelenting as the story being told. Will York ever return to normality? The answer lies in This Son Of York's gritty narrative.

Who is David Batten-Hill?

David is a British freelance journalist and author. Find out more here

Who is in the book?

A cast of characters that makes the book come alive. Meet them here

Is it good?

Judge for yourself, preview here

Any reviews?

What the local paper said is here

What about buyers?

Radio and buyers' reviews here

Where can I buy a copy?

Here on the web, just click on the relevant 'Go'.

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